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Story Prompt: Next Week’s News

Is it just me, or does this remind anyone else of 90’s TV show Early Edition?

Next week's news

In Early Edition, a Chicago pub owner received tomorrow’s newspaper today (delivered by a cat) and then tried to prevent all sorts of accidents and incidents in the Chicago area.

ROW80 Sunday exhaustion

Hello ROWers.

How are you? How’s the writing coming along? My creative writing is currently at a stand still, but academically, I’ve written about 4.000 words this week.

On Monday I posted my To Do List. Here’s how far I got:

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Study Tip: WordHippo instead of Thesaurus

Now, don’t get me wrong. A decent dictionary and thesaurus are a must (personally, I use the Oxford editions) but sometimes when writing a paper – or even your thesis/dissertation – you can get stuck.

It happens to me frequently, as I think in two languages at once and every now and then, my brain freezes and I can’t think of the word in either language. So I paraphrase, or describe what I want to say.

This website lets you do just that but then also gives you the word instead of leaving you with an awkwardly paraphrased sentence.