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Self-Promotion Friday

Fridays in the NaNoWriMo Facebook Group are not like normal Fridays. No! They turn into a frenzy of likes, comments and self-promotion. The madness that is Self-Promotion Friday.

The idea is simple: every member with an author page, book page or blog page on Facebook can post the link and ask the others to like it.

The others will then leave a comment linking to their own pages (and usually also post a separate status with their link as well), so they can be liked in return.

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Stocking Fillers for Students, Readers and Writers

Christmas is fast approaching! And like every year, the mad-dash for presents and stocking fillers starts afresh. Some of the trickiest people to shop for are creative types like Writers, quiet appreciators like Readers and hard-working College / Grad School Students.

The main presents should not really be a problem. But if you’re still stuck, check out my lists of 10 Gift Ideas for Writers, Book-Lovers and Students.

But what about stocking fillers or boot fillers (in case you celebrate St. Nikolaus on December 6, like we do in Germany)? Here is a list of 10 ideas Santa Claus (or Father Christmas, the Christkind or St. Nicholas) can use to stuff those Christmas stockings with, other than tangerines and walnuts.

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