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Weekly Goals Vol. 22


My goals for this week continue on from last week. I need to get assignments done for uni, I’m halfway through my book and I really like the Field Notes size for inserts, so I want to make more of them.

  • Complete CCC505 Assignment #1
  • Complete CCC505 Assignment #2
  • Complete CCC501 Assignment #2
  • Prepare College Binders for MA502
  • Design more Field Notes inserts
  • Read Aristotle and Dante discover the Secrets of the Universe
  • Edit The Bravery of the Soldier for contest submission
  • Vote in the Election

Weekly Goals Vol. 20

Right then. Super-squeaky-bum time has started. I have to finish course MA500 by July 31, and I’m hoping to complete most of CCC505 by then as well.

Plus, my supplement courses. But I’m away next weekend (not this coming one), so I really need to cram. But my birthday is now behind me, the flat is clean, and I won’t be baking any time soon, so there’s hope. I stocked up on coffee and juice, I’ve got loads of cookies and teacakes left over – I can do this. Hopefully without distractions.

Here’s my weekly to-do list, as part of ROW80:

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Weekly Goals Vol. 19

Here we go again with another set of weekly goals to achieve.

It’s gonna be another ridiculously busy week, but I get to relax and party over the weekend as it’s my birthday on Saturday. But before I can have guests over I still have loads to do, so I’m trying to spread it out over the week so I don’t have to do everything in one go.

The list below is what I really need to get done, and it’s already a long list. I haven’t even mentioned all the modules that don’t have strict deadlines. Should I find the time to complete some of those as well, I’ll tell you in the ROW80 Update on Sunday!

Here’s my list:

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Weekly Goals Vol. 16

The entire last week was a really bad week for me productivity-wise.

What did I get done? Nothing at all. At least nothing academic or for this blog. I did a lot of overtime last week at work, so my free time was somewhat limited. Lots of small things kept adding up, and my granddad had to go to the hospital again on Friday, so I had to look after gran. I apologize for not participating in the Weekend Coffee Share on Saturday – the first one I’ve missed.

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Weekly Goals Vol. 15 and Doctor Who slowed down

I’m not gonna lie, it’s gonna be another busy week. However, it looks like I’ve got a lot more tasks to complete than there really are.

A look at my list of goals will show you that next to assignments on two university courses, I only have three supplement courses left (at the height of busyness they were 11 courses). So in order to get ahead and clear my workload, I’ll ty to get through as many modules as possible. Luckily, each module only takes 1-2 hours, so I just need to find one evening per course that I can devote to the modules and I’ll be done.

Like last night, for example, I finished 3 modules and with that completed two courses I no longer have to worry about.

Then I’ll be designing planner and notebook templates. I’ve actually missed this, having learned page design (for magazines and newspapers) at university during my B.A. in Travel Journalism.

So yes, busy but hopefully productive week ahead! Luckily I just found this awesome, slowed down (75% speed version) of “I Am The Doctor” (Doctor Who Soundtrack – Murray Gold) to keep me company. The original was already badass, but this is just a beautiful version! I quite like listening to instrumental music while I work and I personally think it’s awesome that the BBC produces shows with such high caliber soundtracks (Sherlock comes to mind as well).

Oh, and here are my goals for the week:

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