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How to organize your college binder

Having an organized binder for your study material is important. There’s nothing worse than not remembering where exactly you wrote down the homework or getting your papers all mixed up.

Being a student myself and having just re-organized my entire binder, I thought I’d share my system with you.

Free downloads of the cover sheets are available below!

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Studying vs. Soup Bowls

Having a study routine is all nice and good, but you also need the discipline to sit down and actually study.

Some of us love the pressure of a looming deadline. Nothing like the “Last 60 Minutes” to type that 10-page paper. Others can keep to a routine until they get distracted and completely derail their train of thought. Yet someone else might be all for studying, but finds the subject hard or boring, and is, therefore, less inclined to study for it and give it the attention it needs.

Last night, I spoke to my dad about my M.A. Cross-Cultural Communication course I’m currently studying for online. And dad actually had a pretty cool study tip up his sleeve from his own experience.

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