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ROW80 – Sundays, music, coffee and reviews

Hello folks, this is my first Sunday Update for ROW80 Round 1 in 2015.

I’ve had a really busy week at work, pulled several hours overtime (on some cases I did more overtime than contractual hours) and I still have a huge pile of work left for tomorrow.

But I want to start off with an In Memoriam, because I lost my granddad Helmut seven years ago today and I miss him more than ever. I can’t believe it’s been so long.

Since Thursday I haven’t written a short story or chapter, but then again I have been writing long articles on this blog including my reaction to the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris as well as a new blog hop I’ve signed up for called Weekend Coffee Share or “If We Were Having Coffee…” which I really like. As both of these are longer than 1.000 words (and my chapters/shorts are 500 words on average, I am counting these posts as part of my creative writing.

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ROW80 #1 – Updates and Autographs

Hello everyone!

This is my first midweek ROW80 update of 2015. As we only started on Monday there is not much to tell yet.

I have finished two short chapters of a current WIP and I’ve still got to write today’s story. Even though I take my notebook with me wherever I go (because you never know when you might get the chance to write), I am trying to get in the habit of writing my short stories just before I go to bed. That’s usually when my imagination is at its wildest.

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ROW80 Round 1, 2015 – List of Goals

This is my second time participating in ROW80. While I didn’t quite manage to achieve all my goals for the last Round, it did get me to be more creative.

I also know what to expect now and how it all works, so without further ado, here’s my List of Goals for the first Round of Words in 2015!

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ROW80 – Round 1 of 2015

It feels like the fourth Round of Words of 2014 only ended at Christmas (oh, wait…) but here we are, a new year, new goals and the very first Round of Words in 80 Days of the year 2015!

We’re starting today, January 5, 2015 which means that this round will be over on March 26.

If you’ve never heard of ROW80 before, here’s how it works:

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End of ROW80 Success!

Hello my dear fellow ROW80 participants!

The fourth Round of Words in 80 Days for 2014 ended officially on December 26, and while I didn’t stick to all my goals I originally posted, I still count this ROW80 a success!

My writing goals:

  • Write a short story each day. Poems also permitted. No matter what word count.
  • Alternate often between writing in English and German to build up more German stories (it IS my native language, after all)
  • Write in at least 4 genres other than fanfiction (but fanfic is also fine!)

My blogging goals:

  • Update Study. Read. Write. five times per week, even if it’s just a picture with writing prompts or inspiration
  • Update my travel blog Fernweh & Wanderlust at least 3 times a week, even if it’s just a travel-inspiring picture or recipe
  • Start German to English translation of Gap Year journal to include on Fernweh & Wanderlust

So how did I do?

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