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ROW80 – Final Tally of Round 2

It’s already the end of the second Round Of Words In 80 Days of 2015! Where did all that time go??

I know I haven’t kept up with the mid-week updates, but I did implement my Weekly Goals and they have pretty much kept me on track.

How well, you ask?

Let’s take a look, shall we?

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ROW80 – Need to focus

Well, once again it’s not been a terribly productive week. However, I hope that I’ll be able to concentrate more next week and that the sheer amount of things I need to do will keep me focused.

You may wonder why I completed additional modules when I didn’t get anything else done. Simple: because that course is “just for information” and I downloaded all necessary videos. There are no official tasks to complete, so once I had watched the videos I could tick the box that I had completed it.

Anyway, here’s what I got done:

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ROW80 – Catch Up Sunday

It’s Sunday and you know what that means: ROW80 update!

Now, as you know, my Round of Words turned into a Round of Studying quite a while back. But that’s ok. I can always write, this degree is more important right now.

After not getting much done last week and not really starting to get into things until Friday night, I’m quite proud of what I have achieved over the weekend.

The CCC505 assignment has not yet been completed as I am still waiting for the textbook to arrive. I ordered it last week.

As for the additional modules: The American South is a self-paced Coursera course on which you can earn a Verified Certificate. Studying Cross-Cultural Communication in my M.A. I thought it best to take supplement courses that go deeper into other cultures. I was wide awake anyway, and decided to complete the remaining modules to gain the Verified Certificate and not have to worry about the course next week. I got 100% in the VC.

Propaganda & Ideology as well as Writing Fiction also only had a few modules left to complete and I finished both.While I’ll still be busy next week, that’s three courses I no longer have to worry about.

So here’s what I managed this week (or rather this weekend):

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Sad ROW80 Update

Hello ROWers,

once again, it’s the end of the week and that means it’s time for the ROW80 Sunday Check-In.

I received some sad news from New Zealand yesterday.

Denise, the mother of the host mum I stayed with back when I was an exchange student in 2003, passed away yesterday aged 66. She was a loving, kind lady with a fighter spirit, enduring many ailments and setbacks with good humour and optimism. A fighter to her last breath, she sadly succumbed to complications from cancer in her sleep. I hold many fond memories of time spent with Denise, and I will always cherish them and remember her the way she was.  Here she is with her husband, on New Year’s Day 2004, the way I knew her:

Denise and her husband, my host grandparents when I was living in New Zealand 2003 / 2004
Denise and her husband, my host grandparents when I was living in New Zealand 2003 / 2004

I hope she is now at peace, and my thoughts are with my New Zealand family.

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