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Reflecting on the A to Z Challenge

As usual, I was quite late to the party. It wasn’t last minute for a change, but still quite late. By the time I found out about the A to Z Challenge there was only about a month to go before it started.

Now I can say my armchair travel round-the-world trip from Auckland to Zanzibar was a success, but it took a while to get there.

“How hard can it be to write 26 posts, A to Z?” I asked myself. Well, turns out, a lot harder than I thought. What could I blog about that would give me 26 posts from A to Z? At first I tried to keep in line with the theme of this blog. Something study related, maybe? Maybe not. So, literature, then. It had to be literature. How about book reviews? Had I read books that correspond to every letter of the alphabet? I made a list and found it lacking. I could have scraped by, but some entries would have required more research than they were worth, plus the whole translation issue – it turned iffy before I had even started.

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