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Disclaimer about reviewing Previews

Before I get into any more theatre reviews, I felt it was important to voice my view on reviewing previews.

Traditionally, it is seen as bad form for the press to review a show that is still in previews. However, I think as social media usage only increases, the review process will need to adapt. Several UK papers were criticised last week for reviewing the first few previews on Hamlet at the Barbican. It has been said that reviews should have been held back until press night on August 25, and that previews are not yet the fully polished, end product.

I think that’s a load of rubbish.

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ROW80 – Sundays, music, coffee and reviews

Hello folks, this is my first Sunday Update for ROW80 Round 1 in 2015.

I’ve had a really busy week at work, pulled several hours overtime (on some cases I did more overtime than contractual hours) and I still have a huge pile of work left for tomorrow.

But I want to start off with an In Memoriam, because I lost my granddad Helmut seven years ago today and I miss him more than ever. I can’t believe it’s been so long.

Since Thursday I haven’t written a short story or chapter, but then again I have been writing long articles on this blog including my reaction to the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris as well as a new blog hop I’ve signed up for called Weekend Coffee Share or “If We Were Having Coffee…” which I really like. As both of these are longer than 1.000 words (and my chapters/shorts are 500 words on average, I am counting these posts as part of my creative writing.

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Yes, they DO know it’s Christmas-time!

It’s been 30 years since Band Aid recorded the original “Do they know it’s Christmas.

Yes, I know the song is catchy and the proceeds are meant to help in Africa (with a new focus on the fight against Ebola this year, as compared to the Ethiopian famine of 1984). The song and all its incarnations as well as the Live Aid and Live 8 concerts raised millions for good causes in Africa and made the world aware of the problems that continent faces. But I still think that the song’s lyrics are simply ignorant and condescending.

I also can’t help but notice that Bob Geldof continues to sit on his millions and donates his “time” on a weekend to re-record a song, while the public is meant to dig deep and part with actual money. He recently publicly blamed singer Adele for not getting involved in Band Aid 30, criticising her for raising a family instead of writing or recording songs. She chose to get involved privately – with a direct donation.

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