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If We Were Having Coffee… On April 4

Hello my lovelies!

It’s great to see all of you again for another Weekend Coffee Share!

Come on in, coffee is ready. And really, just for future reference, I’ll  show you around what I like to call “kiwi-style.”

See my kitchen? Well, there’s a coffee machine and a kettle. Coffee powder and filters are next to the machine. Teas, sugar and honey are on the shelf. Milk is in the fridge and glasses, cups and mugs are in the hanging cupboard. The tap water here is some of the best in all of Germany and definitely drinkable.

Got it? Feel free to help yourself to whatever you’d like. Basically, treat it like your own kitchen. (My kiwi friends would do this every time someone came to their house for the first time. Once they’d said “help yourself” they got kinda cross when you asked whether you could get yourself another cuppa.)

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