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Rotorua – Kapa haka and thermal wonders

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New Zealand’s North Island is home to the country’s fascinating geothermal activity, ranging from mudpools to active volcanoes. It is also the centre of Maori culture, which makes for a compelling combination.

The smell of sulphur is overwhelming at first. It is absolutely everywhere, but I find that my nose gets used to it within a few breaths. Steam comes out of the bubbling, boiling mud pool in the center of Rotorua.

The city in the heart of New Zealand’s thermal wonderland is known for its geysers, mud pools and natural spas. But it is also home to one of the biggest Maori cultural institutions in the country and worth every minute you will spend there. And if breathing those sulphuric fumes is the price to pay, then I am happy to pay it – after all there is a lot to distract you.

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