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Ave Caesar in Xanten

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Xanten, the only city in Germany to start with an X, looks back on over 2,000 years of history. The Romans called it Colonia Ulpia Traiana and after Claudia Ara Agrippinensium (today known as Köln / Cologne) it was the second-most important city and trading post in Germania inferior.

Today, the main city is medieval in architecture, but the Archäologische Park Xanten is bringing the Roman Empire back to life.

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Quick interview with: Róisín O

Irish musician Róisín O opened for the New York Gospel Stars in Solingen on Friday night. Yet, for many of the audience members she stole the show.

The 26-year-old girl from Dublin took to the stage with a guitar, keyboard and a crystal clear voice with an impressive vocal range. She played songs from her debut album The Secret Life of Blue which was released in 2012 and reached #21 in the Irish Album Charts, as well as a few newer songs like  Word-Strong.

Next to her musical talents and voice, Róisín O surprised and delighted the German audience with speaking German while explaining her upcoming tour. Not many performers would have bothered to learn a few sentences in another language, and audience definitely appreciated it.

The singer, whose full name is Róisín O’Reilly, is no stranger to the stage, which is evident when you see her perform. She’s the daughter of Irish folk singer Mary Black and the sister of Danny O’Reilly of The Coronas and has performed at venues world-wide.

I managed to grab her for a minute at the interval to have a quick but lovely chat while she was signing autographs.

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Setting Inspiration: Train Station


8pm at Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof / Main Train Station in Germany. Platform 13 & 14 seen from Platform 12.  Photo: Cornelia Kaufmann
8pm at Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof / Düsseldorf Main Train Station in Germany. Platform 13 & 14 seen from Platform 12. Photo: Cornelia Kaufmann


Setting inspiration.

Is your character on board that train? Are they the one with the bike? Are they next to the photographer and realise they are on the wrong platform? Is the train arriving or just leaving? Is your character running to catch the train? Where are they going? Are they meeting someone?

Photo taken at Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof (Hbf)