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If We Were Having Coffee… On October 24

Hello my lovelies!

It’s good to see you for our Weekend Coffee Share. How have you been? What have býou been up to tis past week? I have not seen much of the internet this past week as I am studying and writing like mad to make next Saturday’s course deadline.

But I need a coffee break, so I’m glad to be able to spend it with you!

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you that voting in the Inkitt Fandom Writing Contest has been extended by a week, so polls close on Wednesday, October 28. The Bravery of the Soldier, my Sherlock fanfic about how John Watson deals with his army past now that he’s a civilian is currently in 14th place out of 1,710!!!!

You can still vote – or vote again – so please help me stay in the Top 15! Clicking here will get you to the Contest page. Simply scroll to #14 and click the ♥ next to The Bravery of the Soldier to add your vote to it!

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Inkitt Contest Update! OMG!

You guys!!! Thanks to your clicking and liking, my little fanfic The Bravery of the Soldier is currently in 28th place out of 1,034 entries in the Inkitt Fandom Writing Contest!!!

28th of 1,034 and counting!!!!

*happy dance* OMG, I still can’t believe this!!

With only 9 days left to vote there is still a gap of 100+ likes between the top liked stories and mine. If you’ve already voted I thank you for your support! If you haven’t, please consider to take a few seconds and follow the link to click the little heart (and read the story, of course, if you like) and help out a fellow writer in her first big writing contest!

I never would have dreamt that this little NaNoWriMo story I dreamt up while I was in hospital would become so popular. Please help me show it to a wider audience.

Thank you!



Officially in the TOP 25!!

But here’s the competition to beat:
The Bravery of the Soldier - in 24th place of the Fandom Writing Contest!
The Bravery of the Soldier – in 24th place of the Fandom Writing Contest!

My NaNoWriMo 2014 Project: Pomp & Circumstances

I have been talking about it, hinting at it, imagining it, plotting it and writing it, and I think it’s time I told you a bit more about my NaNoWriMo 2014 project.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, last year’s project The Bravery of the Soldier was Sherlock fanfiction. I got so many positive reviews on Bravery, for both subject matter and writing style, that someone commented that they’d love to see me tackle the background and upbringing of the other main characters. Bravery focused on John Watson’s military career, so I figured the next logical subject would be Sherlock Holmes himself.

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My First Ever Public Book Reading!

I guess it’s one of those moments every author secretly dreams about: reading your book to an appreciative audience.

I have dreamt about it too, but somebody should have told me about stage fright.

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Writing Sample from The Bravery of the Soldier

This is a writing sample taken from my NaNoWriMo 2013 project The Bravery of the Soldier. It’s a scene from Chapter Two, entitled “The Mysterious Video”.

The scene deals with war-related violence and injuries.

I’d appreciate your feedback!


The story so far:

A news story broke about a cover up in Afghanistan. In 2009, a British unit was held hostage, but due to the government’s stance on negotiations with terrorists, the ransom demands were not met. Another unit, which also included a doctor, was sent in to retrieve the hostages, but they were overpowered and also taken away.

When one of the Captains was killed (for not meeting the ransom demands), the team managed to smuggle a S.O.S. note out. After this proof of life was received with vital info regarding the way they were overpowered, a tactical team is sent in. This team carries Audio/Visual equipment.

The media had got hold of a still from the AV equipment and ran the article, telling the story of a Captain who ensured that all his colleagues got out alive, but also accusing the British government of abandoning troops in need.

This scene takes place during a meeting at the Ministry of Defence, during which the Audio/Visual evidence is examined to determine the next course of action with regards to the news story.

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