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Is it Friday yet?

This is me, every morning. But especially on Mondays.

Luckily I have two weeks of vacation coming up next week. Unfortunately,  they’re my Study Weeks to cram for Module Deadlines and Final Papers.




Happy International Coffee Day!

Today is (inter)National Coffee Day. I don’t think I would even be typing this without that little bit of dark magic in a cup.

When I started this blog and my M.A. I thought I’d do the student thing again and study in coffee shops and cafés and review some coffee in the process. However, my work and study schedule and my wallet teamed up on me and decided this was a no-go, which is why I’ve been reduced to drinking Guatemalan filter coffee and instant coffee for my quick fix.

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Maple Latte at Toykio Gallery & Coffee

A little bit of Canadian flavour is probably the last thing you’d expect in a trendy art gallery, café and shop in the middle of Düsseldorf’s Japanese Quarter. I was expecting whacky, and weirdly wonderful Japanese flavours at Toykio, but I was surprised that their Maple Latte managed to blow my mind!

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Latte Macchiato with Cocoa Paste at Café Zettel’s Traum

Café Zettel’s Traum in Leverkusen-Opladen could easily become my new favourite café! Reading lamps on the tables, shelves full of books and papers, comfy chairs and a sofa – this is a writer’s dream! Good thing then that this is where my NaNoWriMo group meets!

As it is winter, I decided to try a coffee with a twist and I was not disappointed!

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