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Required High School Reading – Book list from a German school

Lately I have been wondering about required reading in high school. Mainly because I re-organised my book shelves and grouped all the books I had to read in school together and realised that my list is pretty long.

There seem to be a few books and/or authors that are universal (Shakespeare, Orwell etc.), but many are down to a country’s preference.

In your native language, you’ll usually read and analyse books that originated in your country or were written in your language first (i.e. not a translated work). In foreign languages, you tend to start off easy and then get more complex reading lists as your language skills improve.

This makes me quite glad that I received my secondary education in Germany, as I feel I got a quite comprehensive reading list out of the deal. My Grammar School was bilingual and we were treated like native English speakers as well as native German speakers, so my reading list might be a bit out of the ordinary. Grammar School in Germany used to go from Year 5 to Year 13. It has since my graduation in 2006 been reduced to Years 5-12.

Which books were you required to read in school? Which ones did you keep? Which ones stayed with you?

Here’s my list!

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Forty Pre-Loved Books

Shopping for books is my favourite kind of shopping. I could spend more time in a single bookstore than some girls need to shop for a whole new wardrobe.

However, money is tight, so I often buy pre-loved books. Whether it’s through Amazon, the library sale or a fleamarket doesn’t matter.

As I started this blog at the end of September, I didn’t get a chance to tell you about my awesome 40-book Zöppkesmarkt haul in early September, so I am taking this opportunity to rectify that!

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