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ROW80 Round 1, 2015 – List of Goals

This is my second time participating in ROW80. While I didn’t quite manage to achieve all my goals for the last Round, it did get me to be more creative.

I also know what to expect now and how it all works, so without further ado, here’s my List of Goals for the first Round of Words in 2015!

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ROW80 Wednesday Update #1

Well, A Round of Words in 80 Days started on Monday, and today is the first check-in to see how I’m doing on my ROW80 Goals.

So how am I getting along? Rather well.

I have written two short stories of about 500 words each, one is in English and one in German. I will share them once I’ve typed them up, as I’ve written them by hand.

As for the blogging goals, It’s only been two days. I’ll be able to tell on Monday whether I stuck to my weekly target or not.

I’m still looking around for writing prompts and I’m just putting together a plotting kit with character and setting sheets.

I found some lovely templates, made by asmallbirdorganizes, on Etsy, and I will write about them in more detail in another post.

Until now I’ve written down what was on my mind, but I think this exercise might help me develop a story idea that I could potentially take past the short story stage and into the realms of novellas and novels.