The bookstore of my dreams

Over the weekend, I went on a stroll through town and once again lamented the fact that the bookstore closed down.

Well, technically, they moved from one shopping centre to another 10 minutes down the road, but they might as well be different stores now.

The shopping mall it used to be at, the Clemens Galerien, is being abandoned slowly but surely after only 15 years. Most of the shops are now empty. The bookstore used to span two floors, it was accessible from the High Street, it was spacious and welcoming and had a few benches and a coffee machine in the corner with the floor to ceiling windows.

I used to go there after school as it was on the way home and I’d get a coffee or hot chocolate to warm me up while browsing for what I wanted to read next.

The new store is just one long tube, harsh white walls and dark shelves, the light too bright and the shelves and display tables way too close together. There’s no coffee machine anymore, no space to browse and no benches.

So I imagined what my dream bookstore would be like. If I was given money with the strict instruction to open a bookstore in a college town, what would I do with that store?

Well, imagine this:

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Study Tip: Colour-code your notes

When highlighting passages in your textbooks, print-outs and study notes, it does help to have a consistent colour system.

You obviously have to make it relevant to your field of study. For example, lawyers are apparently taught to colour-code  using red highlighters for the holdings of a case, green for general law, yellow for facts etc.

A medical student might colour-code Latin terms, diagnoses, procedures etc.

This is my system:

Colour-code your notes
Colour-code your notes

The trick is not to go overboard with the colours. Only highlight what is necessary, because a completely colourful text will end up confusing you.


ROW80 Update

Hello everyone!

Well, starting today, I’m back in the swing of things writing-wise. One short story per day. Got a new notebook at the ready and ideas aplenty.

But most of my writing is still for university. I’m trying to do two assignments at the same time right now, as they are kind of related, so I’m a really busy bee.

I don’t have much time right now, but it’s all going well, except for my concentration which is still a bit scrambled but getting better again. I can definitely tell the days are getting lighter again! I’m sorry to have to do this, but in case you want to know what I’ve been up to, you should check out yesterday’s Weekend Coffee Share in which I explain more.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Find the other ROWers here.

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If We Were Having Coffee… On January 31

Hello, how are you? It’s great to see you at this week’s Weekend Coffee Share!

If we were having coffee today, I would probably meet you at the local café, simply because I need some fresh air and I need to get out of the house for a while.

I’d greet you with a hug and then I’d order a “Pharisäer” (engl.: Pharisee), a hot coffee with rum and whipped cream that’s a national drink from the Nordfriesland region of Germany (where I spent many a childhood holiday). The name does not derive from the Bible, though. It was the name of the homestead (Pharisäerhof) where it originated.

If you’re not into coffee, I would recommend a Tote Tante (engl.: Dead Aunt), basically the same, just with hot chocolate instead of coffee.

Pharisäer drink iwth hot coffee, rum and whipped cream. Delicacy from Nordfriesland. Photographer unknown
Pharisäer drink with hot coffee, rum, and whipped cream. Delicacy from Nordfriesland. Photographer unknown

It’s the sort of day today that warrants warming up a bit more – the windy is bitingly cold, and the weather changed from snow, slush and freezing back to snow. Needless to say, it’s cold and nasty out.

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