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Planner Giveaway Has Ended!

Study.Read.Write’s Planner Giveaway has now ended and the winners have been chosen!

So if you participated in the Giveaway, check the email address you used to comment on the post to find out whether you won one of the five LifeInNotes 2016 Chunky planners that were up for grabs!

I have just sent the notifications out.
The subject line is: Study.Read.Write. Planner Giveaway – You’re a WINNER!

Congratulations to the five winners. Your planners will be in the post as soon as I know where to send them!



Bloggers Bash 2016 – Venue Announcement

Last year’s Blogger Bash was loads of fun! If you can make it to London, make sure you come by!

Sacha Black

ABBA 2016The Bloggers Bash Committee said this year would be bigger and better – and trust me, it will be. We, the committee, have plans afoot to make it a cracking day.

If you don’t know what the bash is, it’s an annual get together for bloggers everywhere. The bash is open to everyone, whether you blog about writing, cooking, parenthood, beauty, fishing or anything in between, this is the event for you. AND irrespective of blogging platform – so if you have friends from other platforms please let them know.

The event is open to any blogger from any blogging platform – and please, if you aren’t a wordpress blogger – share this post.

This is the chance for you to meet (in real life) all those firm friends you have made through blogging. This year, the bash is on Saturday the 11th June, in London, England.

I said we had plans…

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Traveler’s Notebook Weight Loss and Fitness Inserts

Two of my MTN inserts are featured here. The Fitness Journal (2nd one down) and the Running Log (9th). Both now available from my Etsy shop LifeInNotes at

I wrote yesterday about using a TN as a weight loss journal. As promised, here are some Etsy options for weight loss and fitness inserts for your traveler’s notebook. You can use regular grid, lined or blank pages if they suit you better but these are specially designed to aid in your weight loss and fitness journey.

There are even charms you could use on a weight loss journal. Or you could use bead charms in several ways – for example threaded on a bookmark, a separate or on the cover elastic – add for each pound lost.

Because TNs are flexible you can remove options that do not work for you, tweak those that almost do, and use those that definitely do. You can choose the size and number of elastics that suits you – Passport, Field Notes, Pocket, Personal, Regular, Wide, Extra Wide, A5 and A4. Some…

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