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ROW80 End of Week Update

First of all: I won NaNoWriMo 2014 (yay!)

It’s far from over, and I have too many ideas still flying around in my head. I’ve approached it differently this year and I’m not sure this was better than last year. Then again, I’ve also had more on my plate this year than last.

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Setting Inspiration: Hip Café

Toykio, japanese, frozen yoghurt, Düsseldorf, gallery, art, café, Photo by Conny Kaufmann
Inside Toykio in Düsseldorf. Photo by Cornelia Kaufmann

Maybe this picture inspires a scene in your stories. It did inspire me!

This is a café, art gallery, frozen yoghurt parlour and shop in Düsseldorf, Germany. The upstairs bit has a bar with a long table along one window wall and one long one in the middle of the floor, with several small ones in the nooks and against the other windows. It’s comfy and the coffee is really good. Wild mix of colours and chairs, art books on the tables, newspapers available – my new favourite hangout.

It’s called Toykio.