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Top 15 Fandom Story! Please keep voting!

We did it guys!! Thanks to your votes my story The Bravery of the Soldier is now in 15th place in Inkitt’s Fandom Writing Contest out of 1,710 entries!!!

It’s now closed to new submissions, but voting continues for another week! So please keep voting and help an aspiring author out! With your help I can stay at the top!


To vote follow this link and click on the heart. If you’re not on Inkitt yet (and really you should be because there are awesome new stories published every day – original and fanfiction) you’ll be ask to set up a free account.

Bravery is the first novel-length piece of writing I’ve ever shown to a wider audience. It was written during NaNoWriMo 2013 and has gained an overwhelming number of positive reviews in AO3 and since then as part of the BBC Sherlock Fandom . The latest comment I received on it (yesterday) was: “This is just… WOW! All the kudos!”

I like to think you’re doing OK when your story leaves fangirls speechless. It’s also been hailed by members of the armed forces for realistic portrayals of both, active war zones and the struggles returning personnel face back home, and I have been asked more than once where I served despite not having any affiliation with the military myself.

I promise there is no smut in it whatsoever, and wartime experiences are only told in flashbacks to explain John Watson’s current day state of mind. The focus is on John today, how he became the man he is, and in how many ways he could give a certain consulting detective a run for his money.

Your vote can help me show this story to a whole new audience, as the winning stories can get editing help and possible publication! To reach that stage would make this writer’s dreams come true, and you can make it happen!

Shameless Self-Promotion: My Story in Fanfic Contest on Inkitt

Inkitt is having a Fandom Writing Contest, and I entered my NaNoWriMo 2013 story The Bravery of the Soldier, which is Sherlock Fanfiction.

If you’re on Inkitt (or want to be), please give my story a LIKE. Of course you’re also free to read it.

Everybody knows that John Watson had been an army doctor. But just what that entailed not even Sherlock Holmes could imagine, and now John’s demons have come back to haunt him.

It’s a story about a legendary friendship and about how John deals with his military past.

So please, support me and click on that little heart and give my little story a chance in this Writing Contest. It’s the first one I’ve joined.


If We Were Having Coffee… On March 14

Hello my lovelies, glad you can join me for this week’s Weekend Coffee Share.

If we were having coffee today, I’d warn you that this is a very short coffee break. It’s going to be instant coffee, I’m afraid, but I’d also offer a bowl of cereal to those who’d like one.

It’s been a hectic week for me, and it’s not over yet.

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ROW80 – Long Hours and Anthologies

How is it Wednesday already?

Time for another ROW80 Update.

While I’m doing my absolute best, it seems unlikely that I will finish my entire To Do List this week. It’s the week around the 10th, which is the busiest time in our office, and I had to put in a lot of overtime Monday and yesterday. This resulted in me doing pretty much nothing on Monday night, and trying to catch up yesterday.

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If We Were Having Coffee… On January 24

Hello! Nice to see you!

Come on, sit down, and warm up. It’s snowing outside and everything’s gone quiet. My entire garden is covered with a white blanket and it looks so serene. I’ll get you a nice hot cup of coffee/tea/cocoa/mulled wine to warm your hands up, and I’ve got blankets should you still feel cold.

I’m glad you could take the time for a Weekend Coffee Share!

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you about my studies and that it’s going well, though not as smoothly as I’d like. I’d show you my new binder and the steps I’ve taken to organise my study material. That would also explain all the highlighters, post-its, tabs and  paperclips around my living room.

Weekend Coffee Share

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Interview with me – Karl. / Solinger Tageblatt

It’s Throwback Thursday and I found an article about me (not by me for once) that was published on January 7, 2014 on youth page Karl. in local daily newspaper Solinger Tageblatt.

It’s in German, but I talk about NaNoWriMo, Sherlock Holmes & John Watson, researching the British Army and PTSD as well as writing fanfiction.

Interview with me by Katharina Moosbach, published on Karl. (Solinger Tageblatt) January 7, 2014
Interview with me by Katharina Moosbach, published on Karl. (Solinger Tageblatt) January 7, 2014