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If We Were Having Coffee… On August 1

Hello, my lovelies!

If you’re joining me for this week’s Weekend Coffee Share, you’ll be joining me on the busy streets of London! Welcome!

If we were having coffee today, I’d first of all tell you about last weekend, as I was in Warrington and Manchester then. I had an absolute blast with my bestie. We spent all of Saturday shopping in Manchester, and returned to Warrington knackered but in an extremely good mood.

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If We Were Having Coffee… On July 25

Hello my lovelies!

I’m glad you could make time for our Weekend Coffee Share! If we were having coffee today, you’d notice right away that we’re no longer in Germany. And we’re also not alone. If we were having coffee today, I’d invite you to join me and ma choupette, my best friend Veronique, for a coffee in the Northern Quarter of Manchester, England.

Veronique invited me to stay with her in Warrington, and I’ve been here since yesterday afternoon. It’s my first trip back to the UK since last July and I’ve missed it immensely. I’ve also missed my friend.

Today is a Girlie Day for us, with shopping (mainly for books and DVDs and music, though) and you’re welcome to join us.

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The (very secret and highly sinister) Annual Bloggers Bash Awards

*looks around to check whether people are following her*
*lurks around the British Library entrance*
*whistles nonchalantly*
*flashes handwritten sign*

“I’ll be there!”

*goes back to whistling*


I’m writing this post in a whisper because I fear I may be overheard. Have you seen this?

blog award

It’s been creeping across the web like a virus.  First it hit England, here. Sacha was Seduced by its Siren Sounds. People wondered if it could be true. We’d dreamt of this day since we set up out blogs but could it be true? It spread to Wales, here… Hugh’s High Hopes soared. Was it real? And it crossed the Irish Sea, here… Ali Aliterated Assiduously, but still the question remained…

Was this for real? That has always been our question, people. Could it truly be the case that this is a forum for flesh and blood humans to meet or is it our worst fear realised, that some sort of three dimensional construct of someone’s imagination has been set free to snare us. If we turn up at…

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