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If We Were Having Coffee… On July 25

Hello my lovelies!

I’m glad you could make time for our Weekend Coffee Share! If we were having coffee today, you’d notice right away that we’re no longer in Germany. And we’re also not alone. If we were having coffee today, I’d invite you to join me and ma choupette, my best friend Veronique, for a coffee in the Northern Quarter of Manchester, England.

Veronique invited me to stay with her in Warrington, and I’ve been here since yesterday afternoon. It’s my first trip back to the UK since last July and I’ve missed it immensely. I’ve also missed my friend.

Today is a Girlie Day for us, with shopping (mainly for books and DVDs and music, though) and you’re welcome to join us.

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Sceneframing: TV locations, an iPad, and two Finnish girls

If you are part of a current fandom – no matter whether it’s Sherlock, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, The Walking Dead… the list goes on, – and you follow it somewhat online, you will probably have come across Fangirl Quest’s Sceneframing pictures.

Sceneframing is the brainchild of Tiia Öhman and Satu Walden, two girls from Finland who love to visit filming locations. Together they have travelled around Europe (mainly UK, Ireland and Finland) and the US. Their photos show an iPad with a screen capture from [insert fandom here] in the exact location it was filmed. And the concept has proven so popular, it has become a worldwide phenomenon that left its creators in shock and awe.

(I got to interview the lovely ladies a year ago*. The interview was intended for a publication which ultimately decided not to use it. As I am now free to publish it elsewhere, I didn’t want to deny you this any longer.)

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Von Budapest nach Solingen: Solo-Konzert für Pianist Elöd Ambrusz

Die Leidenschaft für Klavier und klassische Musik hat bei dem ungarischen Pianisten Elöd Ambrusz schon sehr früh angefangen. Beim Besuch eines Solinger Kinderarztes hörte er klassische Musik, die er sofort mittappte. Damals war er fünf Jahre alt. Seitdem verbringt er seine Tage auf dem Klavierhocker. Der mittlerweile 16-jährige hat in seiner Heimat Ungarn bereits viele Musik und Talent-Wettbewerbe gewonnen, und so unter anderem ohne vorspielen zu müssen seinen Platz am König St. Stephan Musikgymnasium in Budapest bekomme

Nächte Woche gibt er sein erstes Solo-Konzert in Solingen.

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Quick interview with: Róisín O

Irish musician Róisín O opened for the New York Gospel Stars in Solingen on Friday night. Yet, for many of the audience members she stole the show.

The 26-year-old girl from Dublin took to the stage with a guitar, keyboard and a crystal clear voice with an impressive vocal range. She played songs from her debut album The Secret Life of Blue which was released in 2012 and reached #21 in the Irish Album Charts, as well as a few newer songs like  Word-Strong.

Next to her musical talents and voice, Róisín O surprised and delighted the German audience with speaking German while explaining her upcoming tour. Not many performers would have bothered to learn a few sentences in another language, and audience definitely appreciated it.

The singer, whose full name is Róisín O’Reilly, is no stranger to the stage, which is evident when you see her perform. She’s the daughter of Irish folk singer Mary Black and the sister of Danny O’Reilly of The Coronas and has performed at venues world-wide.

I managed to grab her for a minute at the interval to have a quick but lovely chat while she was signing autographs.

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Interview with me – Karl. / Solinger Tageblatt

It’s Throwback Thursday and I found an article about me (not by me for once) that was published on January 7, 2014 on youth page Karl. in local daily newspaper Solinger Tageblatt.

It’s in German, but I talk about NaNoWriMo, Sherlock Holmes & John Watson, researching the British Army and PTSD as well as writing fanfiction.

Interview with me by Katharina Moosbach, published on Karl. (Solinger Tageblatt) January 7, 2014
Interview with me by Katharina Moosbach, published on Karl. (Solinger Tageblatt) January 7, 2014