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If We Were Having Coffee… On June 5

Hello, my lovelies!

I know it has been rather quiet on Study.Read.Write. recently. After the aborted A-Z Challenge, I had to focus on my studies and getting my other blog, Literati Girl, off the ground.

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you that I am happy to say I have handed in all my assignments, and no it’s just my M.A. thesis between me and graduation!


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Considering my M.A. thesis

Well, I’m close to finishing my last uni courses before I can start my M.A. thesis, and I can’t decide on a proper research question.

If you’ve read this blog before, you probably know that I am studying for my Master of Arts in Cross-Cultural Communication by distance learning. Unfortunately, that means that I do not know my course-mates and have nobody at uni to actually talk about thesis ideas.

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If We Were Having Coffee… On September 19

Hello my lovelies!

Welcome to this week’s Weekend Coffee Share. How are you? Come on in and I make us a pot of coffee or tea, depending on what you prefer. It’s getting colder already and that even though summer is not over until the 23rd.

If we were having coffee today I’d tell you that I spent most of the week preparing for two courses at university. World Cultures and Communication & Human Relations. I’m hoping to get both done by the end of October.

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Weekly Goals Vol. 21

It’s been a while since I posted my last Weekly Goals. Life’s been pretty hectic in the meantime, and I didn’t get many chances to actually sit down and blog.

But my first year of my M.A. is almost up and I need to focus. So back to the weekly goals list it is.

  • Complete CCC505 Assignment #1
  • Complete CCC501 Assignment #1
  • Prepare College Binders for CCC501, CCC505 & MA502
  • Design Field Notes inserts
  • Design Midori inserts
  • Read Aristotle and Dante discover the Secrets of the Universe

You’ll notice I am no longer doing supplement courses. It all got too stressful, and I need to focus on my studies. I’m not about to ruin my A+ average grade for non-credit online courses. I’ve realised I need to slow down and prepare properly. And I also want a bit of time each day just for myself, to sit somewhere with a coffee or tea, and read a book for a while.

Weekly Goals Vol. 20

Right then. Super-squeaky-bum time has started. I have to finish course MA500 by July 31, and I’m hoping to complete most of CCC505 by then as well.

Plus, my supplement courses. But I’m away next weekend (not this coming one), so I really need to cram. But my birthday is now behind me, the flat is clean, and I won’t be baking any time soon, so there’s hope. I stocked up on coffee and juice, I’ve got loads of cookies and teacakes left over – I can do this. Hopefully without distractions.

Here’s my weekly to-do list, as part of ROW80:

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Weekly Goal Tally Vol. 18

I hang my head in shame.

I had planned to get so much done this week and then life and family got in the way, yet again. However, I have now drawn up a monthly schedule, which I will hand to my mother as well, so that there’s no excuse for disturbing me until the end of the month when I say “I need to study.”

If I can stick to next week’s plan despite losing the entire weekend. Well, for a piano concert and my birthday – one party with friends and one with family – so it’s a perfect reason not to do anything, but still, it’s technically time I need.

From tomorrow onwards I’ll be participating in Round 3 of A Round Of Words In 80 Days. Although once again I won’t use the time to actually write stories. But I like the focus and community ROW80 provides.

Anyway, here’s how I did this week:

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Weekly Goals Vol. 18

From today on, my weeks will be even busier than before. It’s summer and my holidays are approaching, and I’ve set myself the goal to complete all assignments of the two university courses I’m currently doing before I leave for London on August 1.

My university is specialized in distance learning and has continuous enrollment – that means we don’t adhere to the academic calendar. We start when we’re ready and have a certain time period to complete things in. In order to get through as much as possible in a short space, we do not have proper semester breaks. So yes, “School’s Out For Summer” for everyone but me.

You’ll notice that this week’s list is divided by days. That’s to ensure that I dedicate that time to the important assignments (marked red). All the rest are supplement courses. There are a few of those I also need to get done, because they’re essential to my studies. Those marked with asterisks can be postponed if need be as they do not have set deadlines.

I have also planned a College-themed series of blog posts for July. For many, it’s the summer before college/university/grad school or a year abroad, so there’ll be plenty of posts about dos, don’ts, study abroad and on campus.

My Midori Traveler’s Notebook is here, and now I really want to start using it, but first I need to design my templates to make my own inserts.

So yes, I’ll have my work cut out for me. Basically, I need to finish one assignment every two days to get everything done by the end of July. The CCC505 course deadline is September, but I want to go on holiday without all that stress hanging over my head so I can enjoy my time away and start fresh when I return – or, you know, September, because August is going to be one busy month with travels and friends coming to visit!

So yeah, until then, this is me:

Hermione Granger in Slughorn's Potions class. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Warner Brothers
Hermione Granger in Slughorn’s Potions class. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Warner Brothers

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