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Study Tip: How to pull an effective all-nighter

I feel like this is information EVERY student needs to know because whether you’re in high school, college or grad school, you might have to put in an all-night cramming session now and then.

This should help you get through it.

The original source was lost when I found this, but as it mentions Penn State undergraduates, I’m assuming this originated there.

Pull an all-nighter

Study Tip: WordHippo instead of Thesaurus

Now, don’t get me wrong. A decent dictionary and thesaurus are a must (personally, I use the Oxford editions) but sometimes when writing a paper – or even your thesis/dissertation – you can get stuck.

It happens to me frequently, as I think in two languages at once and every now and then, my brain freezes and I can’t think of the word in either language. So I paraphrase, or describe what I want to say.

This website lets you do just that but then also gives you the word instead of leaving you with an awkwardly paraphrased sentence.