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To say that I am a coffee aficionada would be just like saying that I need oxygen to live. It’s just a given. There’s absolutely nothing to think about. My brain without caffeine is not a happy place at all.

I’ve tried and tasted coffee in more than 20 countries, on 5 continents. I can taste differences in roast and know my way around a filter coffee machine as well as a French press/cafetière.

“Spill the Beans” is my little series of coffees I’ve tasted. As a student, I do a lot of my studying with a coffee nearby. It’s what keeps me focused and awake. As an aspiring novelist, I love to sit in a cosy coffee shop to write and get refills whenever I need another shot of espresso to keep my muse happy.

Unlike my Bachelor’s degree (for which I was at university in England and spent half my free-time in small coffee shops), I’m doing my Master’s degree by distance learning, meaning that I’ll get a chance to explore my local coffee shops a bit more.

“Spill the Beans” is mainly a review of various coffees and coffee shops, from espressos to frappuccinos and cosy independent places to coffee chains. It really depends on where I am and what I am in the mood for when my brain demands coffee. I’m not in the habit of snubbing a place just because they’re cheap/expensive/fast food/sit down (delete as appropriate).

On odd occasions, I might also throw in a tea review. I got used to drinking tea in Britain to give my taste buds a bit of a challenge every now and then.

Anyway, my cup is empty… better get another one.


5 thoughts on “Coffee”

  1. Oh, good question! I’ve had loads of good cups of coffee, some mediocre ones and my fair share of awful stale-office-coffee-to-go cups. The one I remember most fondly was in Tanzania. It wasn’t anything special, probably instant coffee, but it was in this rustic campsite just after Christmas. It was quite a cold night and the campsite staff brought out coffees for everyone to warm up as we sat around a fire. They’d added a spoon of cocoa (probably Milo) to each cup and a shot of Amarula. The whole atmosphere that night made it perfect, as the surrounding is just as important as the coffee.


  2. As much as I’d like to think I’m a coffee lover, I think I simply don’t know much about it. At my university they serve only Starbucks coffee, so not much of a variety there. It’s so great that you’ve tried so many different types of coffee, I’m jealous!

    I’ve recently gotten into teas (and am now the proud owner of the world’s tiniest tea shelf. But it’s growing). I know tea is much healthier than coffee, so I’ve decided to switch over to drinking tea now. Thank you for the post, I’m excited to explore your blog!


  3. Hi Conny and thank you for following my blog.. I love coffee but find as I have got older that I can handle decaffeinated better. We are lucky in Spain that they make that in the machine too and it has a great deal of flavour. My secret vice is emptying the ground coffee into a container and then spending several minutes inhaling the aroma from the original bag.. don’t tell anyone..


  4. I like coffee a lot, and like to try out different kinds but I have to say my first drink of the day is always tea. I need to wake up gently I suppose. So maybe that makes me more of a tea fanatic than a coffee aficionada? Possibly..


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