Traveler’s Notebook Weight Loss and Fitness Inserts

Two of my MTN inserts are featured here. The Fitness Journal (2nd one down) and the Running Log (9th). Both now available from my Etsy shop LifeInNotes at

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I wrote yesterday about using a TN as a weight loss journal. As promised, here are some Etsy options for weight loss and fitness inserts for your traveler’s notebook. You can use regular grid, lined or blank pages if they suit you better but these are specially designed to aid in your weight loss and fitness journey.

There are even charms you could use on a weight loss journal. Or you could use bead charms in several ways – for example threaded on a bookmark, a separate or on the cover elastic – add for each pound lost.

Because TNs are flexible you can remove options that do not work for you, tweak those that almost do, and use those that definitely do. You can choose the size and number of elastics that suits you – Passport, Field Notes, Pocket, Personal, Regular, Wide, Extra Wide, A5 and A4. Some…

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If We Were Having Coffee… On December 12

Hello my lovelies!

I’m so glad to see you could join me for today’s Weekend Coffee Share! How are you?

If we were having coffee today, we’d probably meet up in the old suburb of Gräfrath, where the 31st Gräfrath Christmas Market is currently underway. It’s a lovely place, all cobble stone lanes, slate-walled and roofed buildings with white windowframes and green shutters, an old fountain in the centre of the old market square and overlooked by on old convent church.

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15 Signs of a Book Addiction #bookaddict #bookworm #reader

I whole-heartedly agree with this list! What about you?



  1. Daylight turns to darkness outside whilst you are in a bookshop.
  2. You could build a small house with the huge stack of books labelled ‘my reading pile’.
  3. Your mood swings follow the emotions in your book.
  4. You often binge read and don’t understand people who take weeks to get through a book.
  5. Instead of buying music, makeup, clothes and apps – you buy books.
  6. You often use books to escape the real world.
  7. Time and life stops when you are reading a good book.
  8. Characters of books become part of your friendship circle.
  9. Your irritability levels can increase significantly when someone disturbs you whilst reading a good book.
  10. A good book makes you fall in love with reading all over again.
  11. A powerful sentence makes you put the book down and stare into space.
  12. You can’t stop buying books.
  13. You regularly suffer from ‘book hangovers’ (the period after finishing a…

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If We Were Having Coffee… On December 5

Hello my lovelies!

I’m so glad to see you for the Weekend Coffee Share. I can offer you the usual coffee or tea, or a mulled wine if you’d like.

Are you getting into the Christmas spirit? I’m not really, despite having been to a local Christmas Market today (which was pathetic). I also won’t be decorating. I live by myself and will spend Christmas dashing between mum’s, dad’s, gran’s and my other grandparents’ places, so there’s no point in me spending money on decorations I won’t be able to enjoy.

Have you polished your boots yet? Over here in Germany, we celebrate St. Nikolaus on December 6. Children are told that St. Nikolaus goes from door to door during the night of 5th/6th December, and leaves small presents (usually nuts, oranges, chocolates and a small gift like cinema vouchers or something else quite small that would fit into a boot) in children’s shoes.

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