Free Download! Fitness & Food Journal

As part of my preparation for DDP Yoga, I sat down and made myself a little Fitness & Food Journal for my Midori Traveler’s Notebook.

Members of TeamDDPYoga recommend that you not only take 6 Before Pictures in prep, but also get ready and get yourself a heart rate monitor, take your measurements and start watching the food you eat. Many end up with some sort of tracker in a journal, others use whiteboards in their homes.

FREE PDF DOWNLOAD in this post!

Now, while I don’t entertain many guests in my flat, I still hate having whiteboards etc. all over the place. As a teenager, I used to track my weight with a simple graph which I had taped to the inside of the towel cupboard in the bathroom, where people would not look. My current bathroom only has shelves, and I am not about to write on my mirror with dry erase marker or tape up another graph for everyone to see.

So I thought my Midori would be the perfect place. And I can keep track on the go as well, immediately entering info like what I had for lunch or how much water I drank.

Here’s what I came up with:

The planner includes the following:

  • Day 1 Measurements Graphic & Target Weight
  • Progress Report for Measurements (15 Day increments)
  • 2 Weight / Date graphs with space for 31 Days / 10 units of weight (your choice of Kg, g, lbs, oz. etc.)
  • 4 pages of 2×2 tables for workouts (for workout sets if needed)
  • 59 Hobonichi Style Planner pages (Hobonichi = undated)
  • Measurement Graphic every 15 Days
  • Weekly / Monthly Schedules (1 at the start, one after 30 Days, one after 45 in case routines/workouts change)
  • Space for Before & After Picture
  • Day 60 Measurements Graphic incl. Total Weight Loss

The 59 Hobonichi Pages are undated, each has a header in which you can circle the month and day, enter the year, track weather, rate the day/workout and space for a note. There’s a meal & Hydration Tracker (8 drops for 8 x250ml) and Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack. The activity tracker at the bottom includes: Calorie intake, Calories Burned, Heart Rate, Steps or Distance, Workout Time, Active Time, Meditation, Sleep, and Weight. There’s ample space for more notes or stamps.

It’s set up for A4 Paper, but should work on US Letter as well. The inserts are for Midori Regular Size Notebooks (page = 21cm high x 11cm wide), but can be cut larger.

Print the file double-sided, short-side top stapled. You’ll need 20 sheets of paper. It will print in the correct order, you will only need to fold the sheets, add a cover and staple / bind.


Fitness & Food Journal by StudyReadWrite

Let me know how you like it, and if there’s anything else you’d want in a tracker like this!


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