Happy International Coffee Day!

Today is (inter)National Coffee Day. I don’t think I would even be typing this without that little bit of dark magic in a cup.

When I started this blog and my M.A. I thought I’d do the student thing again and study in coffee shops and cafés and review some coffee in the process. However, my work and study schedule and my wallet teamed up on me and decided this was a no-go, which is why I’ve been reduced to drinking Guatemalan filter coffee and instant coffee for my quick fix.

I’ve been drinking coffee for a long time. In a way I’m starting to build up a resistance to caffeine, because where it used to take one strong cuppa to get me going, I now need at least three and even then I could fall asleep again straight after. Long gone are the days on which I could pull an all-nighter sustained by coffee alone.

I have to say that my favourite coffee variety is Latte Macchiato, mainly because I do like milky coffees. But the Chai Presso is a close second. Chai Latte with a shot of expresso – hello, now you’re talking! It’s my PSL but that’s mainly because pumpkin spice really is not that common here in Germany and I live too far away from the nearest Starbuck to try one.

Do I like flavoured coffee? You betcha! Hazelnut, Macadamia Nut, Caramel and Maple Syrup are some of my favourites, but I’ll give pretty much anything a try. But I won’t turn away a cup of instant coffee either. While I was travelling, instant was often the only coffee available to me, so I got used to the taste. The main thing is that my cup contains coffee… and lots of it.

As Lorelai Gilmore put it: “I can’t stop drinking the coffee. If I stop drinking the coffee, I stop the walking and the talking and the words into sentence putting.”

Everyday coffee



2 thoughts on “Happy International Coffee Day!”

  1. My schedule had changed since Anderson started school three weeks ago. Now I’m needing coffee in the late afternoon or I fall asleep by 5! Today it was iced coffee but the weather is changing so soon it will be hot! I hope you were able to treat yourself to a nice cup today!

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