If We Were Having Coffee… On September 26

Hello my lovelies!

Welcome to this week’s Weekend Coffee Share. It’s great to see you again!

If we were having coffee today, we’d meet at my place for a freshly brewed cuppa. We’d sit on the comfy couch and talk about this and that.

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you that I did not get much done this week. For some reason I kept getting distracted, even though I’d wanted to do three assignments for my course. I haven’t even finished one yet, because I can’t get my head around the article. It’s not even an overly complicated one, I just have student’s block, I guess. I was waiting to hit a wall at some point and I think this is it. I’ve been trying for days to get something down on paper, but I keep rereading the article instead and looking at it going “huh?”

Anyway. The plan is to not go to bed until this assignment is done. Good thing I’m having coffee with all of you.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’ve mainly used my distracted periods to design more planner inserts. I love the Field Notes size, and I’ve been playing around with it, making two different weekly calendars and an address book, as well as my study modules.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I am outraged. I had ordered the film “How to train your Dragon” on DVD. Not only did it take more than a week longer than the already long delivery period to get here, but opening it I found the 18/R-Rated movie Fist of Fury inside the cover for a PG-rated film! I’ll now be getting my movie free of charge, but still! If it’d been a different kid’s movie I’d have understood, but an R-rated movie in a PG-rated cover is unacceptable!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’m sick and tired of having to explain myself and my life choices to others. The amount of times I get asked why I’m doing my MA and what I want to do with it is grinding on my nerves. And to be honest, at the moment I’m not certain anymore. Whenever I find something that interests me, something or someone discourages me. I knew what I wanted to do. I studied journalism. I wanted to tell other people’s stories. But I couldn’t find a job despite proving myself as a freelance and being better (and more qualified) than some staff reporters I know (my ex, for example). I know they say persistence pays off, but there comes a point when you’ve been rejected so many times that the dream dies. I don’t want to say what I hope to do one day, because as soon as I get my hopes up they can be squashed again, and that’s happened way too many times lately.

In my latest course at uni, we discussed personality types and I found out I’m right on the border of INFP and INFJ, with a domineering 66% of Feeling. And this explains so much! I’m often surrounded by very analytical people, and I always felt drained when I got home and had some peace and quiet. Turns out, INFPs who are predominantly feeling have a really hard time communicating with those types, and actually feel the need to recharge after prolonged exposure. Go figure.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you a secret: I’m thinking about getting a tattoo or two. Well, I’ve been thinking about it since I was 16, to be honest. A friend (who got inked last year for the first time) offered to take me next time I’m in town. It’d have to be hidden though (especially as my parents would freak) but also because I’d like it to be my little secret, but I thought about the quote “Not all those who wander are lost” in brown ink along the side of my foot, with a tiny compass. Because it’s my favourite quote and it does describe me. I’m happiest and at my best when I’m travelling. I also thought about possibly getting a second tattoo somewhere (back of my neck? white ink?) with a book (or stack of) and the Doctor Who quote “We’re all stories in the end” because it represents my love for reading and writing and it’s how I feel about people. It’s those stories I’m really interested in.

If we were having coffee, I’d also tell you that I am saving up for a Yoga class on DVD, as well as a FitBit. I’ve had back problems since I was 11, with a twisted hip and several slipped discs to show for it. The programmes offered around here are not really beginner friendly, and I found one specialising in people with pain and mobility issues which is easy on joints and yet so effective that it really aids weight loss. It’s  worth a try at least, especially as I hate working out and exercising in public. With a DVD I can do everything in my living room.  And the FitBit I’ve wanted for a while, but I think I’d go for the Charge HR with heart rate tracker. But what I’d most like to  find out about is my sleep rhythm, which the FitBit can track.

So yea. Never a dull moment around here, even though I’d love to spend an entire day in bed just once, to catch up on my sleep and on my reading.

Anyway, that’s enough from me. Back to my studies! Feel free to check out the other Weekend Coffee Sharers, I’m sure they’d love to see you!

Thank you for having coffee with me. Same time, next week?

Having a cuppa at Alex in Solingen, Germany. Photo: Cornelia Kaufmann
Having a cuppa at Alex in Solingen, Germany. Photo: Cornelia Kaufmann

4 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee… On September 26”

  1. Your DVD situation reminds me of a very disappointing purchase I made. It was a bargain priced DVD copy of Practical Magic, which is one of my favorite movies. I think it was about $5 at Walmart. I didn’t keep the receipt. I brought the DVD home and stuck it in the closet where I had all of my DVDs organized by title (which was quite an accomplishment for a collection of over 400 DVDs at the time). Weeks later I pulled it out to watch it. It was sealed. I unsealed it and was very disappointed to find instead a movie which to this day I feel is the worst movie ever made, Dumb and Dumber! I threw it away as I didn’t have the receipt and it was past the return period anyway. I headed back to Walmart and bought another copy (which was now $7.50 instead of $5. I hung on to the receipt and opened the DVD in the parking lot. Sigh! It way fine! Now I have that DVD copy and a digital one on the Amazon Cloud!


  2. I’d love to do an MA, mainly because I miss studying, (one day I’ll do one), no idea what I’ll do with it afterwards but then I didn’t know what I’d do with my degree either. Don’t worry about the people who put you down.


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