The End of Summer – Photos from the road

This summer I went travelling a bit. Not too far away and not to the most exotic of places, but I did get a few miles under my belt.

So here’s my End of Summer recap of my Euro-Trips, including the GeNeLux (we did Germany but skipped Belgium) road trip with Ronni & Dave, and my solo travels around the southern UK.

A few have asked me to share pictures, so here they are. A random collection of my summer travels.


6 thoughts on “The End of Summer – Photos from the road”

  1. What a beautiful string of photos. For a second, I thought the actor was Hugh Laurie (from House)!
    On an unrelated note, I get the feeling I never replied to your comment about SAD and if that’s case – I’m really sorry.. I didn’t know such disorder existed and funnily enough, after having looked it up, I believe I have it too… Hope you’re feeling less blue these days. Have a lovely Sunday 🙂


    1. Thank you Ellie! I admit John Simm looks a little like Hugh Laurie there 🙂
      Many people have SAD without noticing it. I thought I had a bad week/month every now and then before symptoms persisted and SAD was diagnosed. I hope you take precautions as the days are getting shorter and colder again! For now, vitamins and UV light are helping me nicely. Now I just need to reduced my study-induced tiredness and stress and I’ll be fine!

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      1. It’s all about the thought process, isn’t it? If we manage to remain positive and take care of ourselves, the low mood shies away. But how to do that? I’m hoping a cognitive behavioural therapy will help find those answers…


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