Look inside my (travel) handbag


As I prepare for my weekend in the UK (and then, later, my 9 days in the UK), I thought I’d show you what I take with me when I travel.

So here’s my #handbagconfession.

From the top: my Samsung Galaxy 7″ tablet, spare scrunchies.

Middle from left: my Midori Traveler’s Notebook, pocket mirror, Fossil wallet, pencil case, small tube of Rituals “Touch of Happiness” Orange & Cedar Wood Body Cream, business cards, mobile phone (picture shows my phone cover as I took the pic with my phone).

Bottom: glasses case with shades (or empty simply to store my normal glasses, depending on season), Bodyshop Tea Tree Blotting Tissues, Essence Roadtrip Deo Wipes, spare bobby pins, and one or two lipsticks (just in case).

Normally, I don’t take my tablet with me, but I need it as an eReader this time. For my London Trip, I’ll also take my Canon 3000V camera, a zoom lens and rolls of film with me.

Bear in mind, this is for city trips. My proper overland travel bag looks different.  Plus I wouldn’t take lipstick camping, for example. But when I know we’re going out, I keep it in the side pocket, should I need it.

What do you take with you?


6 thoughts on “Look inside my (travel) handbag”

  1. I’m packing for my California trip today. I’m taking my reading Kindle and my Kindle Fire (which will mostly be used by the 5 y/o grandson). I’m excited about taking my new Midori, too! A small bag with markers, color pencils and paper, just in case I get the sketch bug. Probably no make up as I haven’t worn it in years and I am finding my old containers dried out and unusable and I haven;t replaced them yet. I’m taking LOTS of snacks for the little one and tiny bottles of my coffee booze and my Fireball whisky (because Nana has to be able to relax after a long day of driving). And anything else I can throw in the bag as I walk by it and think “hmmm, that might come in handy”!

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    1. My pencil case is full of colourful pens and washi tape. I also have a SMASH pen, which is a fineliner on one side and a glue stick on the other – I used that with my Wreck This Journal.

      I can’t draw or sketch,so I usually end up scrapbooking and writing, rather than art journaling.

      Love the booze comment. I’d probably do the same 😀 And the make-up: I went round the world with one eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner pencil – mainly because I did intern in offices – so I do keep it to minimal (if at all), though sometimes I glam it up a tad.


  2. Uh, I would love to go to the UK, I would get so many books 😉 want to bring me some? ;D I’m so jealous. *.*
    I would definitely take my Kindle, that’s for sure, and my toothbrush + -paste. Everything else isn’t that essentially and I could buy it in the UK if I had to.

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