The (very secret and highly sinister) Annual Bloggers Bash Awards

*looks around to check whether people are following her*
*lurks around the British Library entrance*
*whistles nonchalantly*
*flashes handwritten sign*

“I’ll be there!”

*goes back to whistling*


I’m writing this post in a whisper because I fear I may be overheard. Have you seen this?

blog award

It’s been creeping across the web like a virus.  First it hit England, here. Sacha was Seduced by its Siren Sounds. People wondered if it could be true. We’d dreamt of this day since we set up out blogs but could it be true? It spread to Wales, here… Hugh’s High Hopes soared. Was it real? And it crossed the Irish Sea, here… Ali Aliterated Assiduously, but still the question remained…

Was this for real? That has always been our question, people. Could it truly be the case that this is a forum for flesh and blood humans to meet or is it our worst fear realised, that some sort of three dimensional construct of someone’s imagination has been set free to snare us. If we turn up at…

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Summer of Theatre

My plans for my London trip are taking shape, and while I still want to explore the city and visit a few spots I’ve longed to see for a long time, it is shaping up to be my summer of theatre.

The whole reason why I’m going to London in the first place is that I managed to get a ticket for the highly sought-after performance of Hamlet at the Barbican, starring Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, The Imitation Game).

Tickets for Hamlet went on sale in August 2014 and were sold out within 8 hours. That’s right, a Shakespeare play out-sold Beyoncé and Jay Z combined!

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