Top Ten Tuesday: The Last 10 Books To Come Into My Possession

Top Ten Tuesday is the brainchild of The Broke & the Bookish. Every Tuesday, we compile a list of our literary Top 10, and then add it to the blog hop.

This week is all about the Last 10 Books To Come Into Our Possession, by purchase, lending, gift or library loan.

Here are my 10 Books:

Free Advance Review Copy (eBook)


Gift / “Inherited” from Grandma

Signed Copy


Bought at fleamarket


Bought on Amazon

I’ve been emptying out my gran’s bookshelves as she is almost blind and gave me all her books, but I don’t have a list of those yet.

The one thing I always look for at fleamarkets is books. Last year, my Zöppkesmarkt haul included 40 books. I don’t think you could ever have too many.

I recently acquired more than these 10, but I don’t really keep track of the dates. The books above are definitely on my “recently added” shelf.


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: The Last 10 Books To Come Into My Possession”

  1. It seems like your grandmother has good taste in books! I’ve actually been inheriting clothes from my husband’s grandma. We are the same size, she had awesome taste, and most of them still have the tags on!

    I’ve been meaning to read Ken Follett’s book. He is a brilliant author, but you have to be in the right mood to take on one of his tomes 🙂


    1. She does! All in all, I got about 80 books from her. Some were a bit too old-fashioned for my taste (although I took the really old, Old-German script ones as they’re family heirlooms and nobody else appreciates them) and I left most of the romances. She really surprised me when I asked her who her favourite author is. I expected maybe Agatha Christie or someone obscure – She said Konsalik! She used to be part of a book club for decades, so she got a new book every few weeks and read them all. Back when they first came out, I even got her into Harry Potter, I lend her my copy of Philosopher’s Stone when she was in hospital. She went on to buy all of them for herself.

      Don’t you just love inheriting things in top condition? We’re big on hand-me-downs in my family – my other gran (though she has questionable taste) is always trying to give me “brand new” linen and towels etc. she bought in the 60s and 70s that are still in their original packaging.

      I found the Ken Follett book on a fleamarket, hardcover, top condition and in English to boot! But I’ve not had time to even glance at it yet.

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