ROW80 – Birthday Edition

This is my first check in of ROW80 Round 3.

As you may know, Saturday was my birthday, so I had to get everything ready for the two parties I hosted at my flat this weekend. Saturday with friends, today with family. That meant spring summer cleaning absolutely everything, spending several hours per day baking in preparation of the parties, shopping for ingredients and so on.

Unfortunately, that meant I didn’t get much done for uni, despite being on a tight schedule. But once I was done cleaning the chosen room for the day at around 1am, I didn’t fancy sitting down to study anymore.

I did get a little bit done. Well, 1 assignment. On that course, the assignments are usually short and quite easy and quick to write down. So imagine my surprise when I opened the brief to find I had to watch 1 1/2 hours worth of video, write about those, then read supplement material for the videos and write about those as well. So: more work than usual in the one week when time is at an absolute minimum. Just brill.

That means I have loads to catch up on next week. But at least the flat is clean…

Monday 06/07

  • Complete CCC505 Assignment #1
  • Complete Jewish Diaspora in China module #4

Tuesday 07/07

  • Complete MA500 Assignment #9
  • Write Top Ten Tuesday post
  • Hairdresser appointment
  • Clean kitchen & bathroom

Wednesday 08/07

  • Complete MA500 Assignment #10
  • Complete The Camera Never Lies module #3
  • Clean bedroom
  • Bake flapjack

Thursday 09/07

  • Complete CCC505 Assignment #2
  • Clean living room
  • Clean garden furniture

Friday 10/07

  • Complete Language Revival module #1
  • Write Friday 56 post
  • Bake Scones
  • Bake Cherry Bakewell Tarts
  • Attend Elöd Ambrusz’s piano concert

Saturday 11/07

  • Tidy apartment
  • Post Weekend Coffee Share
  • Clean windows
  • Bake apple crumble
  • Birthday Party

Sunday 12/07

  • Birthday celebration with grandparents
  • Birthday celebration with rest of family
  • Design notebook templates
  • ROW80 Update post

Check out how the other ROWers did this week.


3 thoughts on “ROW80 – Birthday Edition”

  1. BUSY! Wow… but looking at all those cleared goals, you handled things with aplomb, Conny. You say you’re doing Uni courses now? Where? I need to get back to my MOOCs (I’m giving myself time to finish some other projects first though). Are you still doing any of the FutureLearn courses?


    1. Hi! Thank you very much. I’m getting my M.A. in Cross-Cultural Communication from Horizons University – it’s all online and I’m about halfway done. The MOOCs are from FutureLearn, Coursera and edX. Coursera and edX have tighter deadlines, so I’ve pushed the FL ones back a bit, but yes, technically I’m still enrolled in a few courses.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sounds like my approach to MOOCS these days. the ones I can do on my own time, I push back.

        Congrats on the MA program!


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