ROW80 – Birthday Edition

This is my first check in of ROW80 Round 3.

As you may know, Saturday was my birthday, so I had to get everything ready for the two parties I hosted at my flat this weekend. Saturday with friends, today with family. That meant spring summer cleaning absolutely everything, spending several hours per day baking in preparation of the parties, shopping for ingredients and so on.

Unfortunately, that meant I didn’t get much done for uni, despite being on a tight schedule. But once I was done cleaning the chosen room for the day at around 1am, I didn’t fancy sitting down to study anymore.

I did get a little bit done. Well, 1 assignment. On that course, the assignments are usually short and quite easy and quick to write down. So imagine my surprise when I opened the brief to find I had to watch 1 1/2 hours worth of video, write about those, then read supplement material for the videos and write about those as well. So: more work than usual in the one week when time is at an absolute minimum. Just brill.

That means I have loads to catch up on next week. But at least the flat is clean…

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