Weekly Goals Vol. 19

Here we go again with another set of weekly goals to achieve.

It’s gonna be another ridiculously busy week, but I get to relax and party over the weekend as it’s my birthday on Saturday. But before I can have guests over I still have loads to do, so I’m trying to spread it out over the week so I don’t have to do everything in one go.

The list below is what I really need to get done, and it’s already a long list. I haven’t even mentioned all the modules that don’t have strict deadlines. Should I find the time to complete some of those as well, I’ll tell you in the ROW80 Update on Sunday!

Here’s my list:

Monday 06/07

  • Complete CCC505 Assignment #1
  • Complete Jewish Diaspora in China module #4

Tuesday 07/07

  • Complete MA500 Assignment #9
  • Write Top Ten Tuesday post
  • Hairdresser appointment
  • Clean kitchen & bathroom

Wednesday 08/07

  • Complete MA500 Assignment #10
  • Complete The Camera Never Lies module #3
  • Clean bedroom
  • Bake flapjack

Thursday 09/07

  • Complete CCC505 Assignment #2
  • Clean living room
  • Clean garden furniture

Friday 10/07

  • Complete Language Revival module #1
  • Write Friday 56 post
  • Bake Scones
  • Bake Cherry Bakewell Tarts
  • Attend Elöd Ambrusz’s piano concert

Saturday 11/07

  • Tidy apartment
  • Post Weekend Coffee Share
  • Clean windows
  • Bake apple crumble
  • Birthday Party

Sunday 12/07

  • Birthday celebration with grandparents
  • Birthday celebration with rest of family
  • Design notebook templates
  • ROW80 Update post

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