Friday 56: Vol. 1

For a few weeks months now, I’ve seen the hashtag #Friday56 floating around. I finally decided to investigate.

The Friday 56 is a blog hop by Freda’s Voice and the rules are simple:

  • Turn to the nearest book.
  • Open it on page 56.
  • Post a sentence or two.
  • Join the linky.
  • Go crazy on the linky.

This seems pretty fool-proof, so here’s my first contribution.

“So when did you get electricity in White Cliffs?”
He thought for an instant. “Nineteen ninety-three.”

Down Under by Bill Bryson



8 thoughts on “Friday 56: Vol. 1”

    1. The scene takes place in a remote town in Outback Australia. They already celebrated the fact that instead of taking 8 hours via a dirt road to reach, it now only takes around 4. They were all incredibly proud of the TV and fridge and aircon – the book was written in 1998, so 1993 was only 5 years ago to them!

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