ROW80 – Final Tally of Round 2

It’s already the end of the second Round Of Words In 80 Days of 2015! Where did all that time go??

I know I haven’t kept up with the mid-week updates, but I did implement my Weekly Goals and they have pretty much kept me on track.

How well, you ask?

Let’s take a look, shall we?

These are the Round 2 Goals I posted back in April

Grad School studies:

  • Complete course MA501 Psychology of Communication by 16/04/2015 (only Final Paper remaining)
    Passed the course on 16/04/2015 with 91.5% (A-)
  • Complete course CCC502 Cross-Cultural Communication by 22/05/2015 (4 assignments remaining)
    Passed the course on 22/05/2015 with 98% (A+)
  • Start course MA500 Persuasion and complete 1-2 assignments/tasks per week
    Started the course and I’m currently on Assignment #6 / 16 and will complete #7 this week as well. 7 weeks / 7 assignments. Right on target.
  • Start course MA502 Culture & Society and complete 1 assignment per week
    This got changed to course CCC505 World Cultures and so far I’ve completed 1 assignment out of 6


Supplement studies:

  • Sit Modern Middle East final exam by 11/04/2015
    Passed with 77.6 % (C) gaining a Verified Certificate
  • Submit Australian Literature final assignment by 12/04/2015
    Passed with 100% gaining a Distinction
  • Complete 4 modules on Community Journalism
    Passed the course
  • Complete 4 modules on Modern Business & Organisations
    Passed the course
  • Complete 4 modules on Understanding Language: Learning & Teaching (20/04 – 17/05)
    Passed the course
  • Complete 8 modules on Writing Fiction (27/04 – 21/06)
    Passed the course
  • Complete 5 modules on Emergence of the Modern Middle East II(12/04 – 17/05)
    Passed  with 88.8 % (B+) gaining a Verified Certificate


Reading / Writing

  • Complete the A to Z Challenge in April
    Successfully completed – View Posts HERE
  • Read at least 1 hour per day
    Life got in the way, but I did read 3 books in total
  • Blog every day
    Including this update, I published 135 posts since Round 2 started, working out at 1.68 posts per day despite not posting every day in June.


Additional achievements

  • Completed course The American South
    Passed with 100% (A+) gaining a Verified Certificate
  • Completed course The Rise of Superheroes in Pop Culture
    Handed in the final assignment today

  • Start new diet
    Lost 10kg since 06/05/2015


Check here how the other ROWers managed, and I hope you’re joining us for Round 3 which starts on July 6!


6 thoughts on “ROW80 – Final Tally of Round 2”

  1. well that is an impressive list of ta da-s:) well done congratulations and now enjoy a well earned break however brief – see you next round – keep smiling:)


  2. Congrats on all that progress with your classes, especially with that “distinction” for Australian Studies, perfect for your interests in travel. I also appreciated your honesty in reporting you didn’t make every check-in. Have to admit I even blew this last deadline. But all’s well. July 6 beckons. Have a lovely few days off — and keep writing!


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