Magical Mystery Trip!

On Saturday morning, I got a message from my best friend Ronni, who lives in the UK. She was being all mysterious but wanted to know whether I’m free on any weekends in June or July.

She and her husband are coming to stay with me for a few days at the end of August. That’s been settled for a while now. So I thought that maybe she wanted to come over by herself beforehand.

She wouldn’t say more, just asked for dates I would definitely be free and then she went quiet. So I eventually updated Facebook, saying that “the plot thickens. Something’s up and Ronni’s involved #themysterycontinues.”

About 20 minutes ago, she commented: “Check your inbox. #allwillberevealed”

So I opened my emails to find one by her marked “Clue”. Inside? A flight booking confirmation in my name for a weekend trip to Manchester to go and see her!!!

Did I mention she’s the best Best Friend ever??

For the last 20 minutes, I’ve sat here rocking in my chair and giggling maniacally but that’s probably the shock. Me going over to Manchester was the last scenario I expected! I’m still grinning like mad.

It actually took me two read-throughs to realise the booking was in my name and not hers. I thought she’d sent me the flight confirmation to show she’s booked a trip to come to Germany to see me.

“Conny et Ronni Reunis” continues with another stop of “Conny & Ronni’s Whistlestop Tour of Europe.” Since I left the United Kingdom, Ronni and I have managed to reunite (if only for a few hours sometimes) in a few places:

  • Bolton, UK
    also taking in Harrogate & Chester
  • Solingen, Germany
    also taking in Cologne & Düsseldorf
  • Paris, France
  • London, UK

And now, because Ronni thought of a way to bring me back to England, at least temporarily,  we’re adding Warrington, UK via Manchester to the list, before our planned tour stops of Solingen, Germany and Amsterdam, The Netherlands in August!

My best friend is crazy for booking me a surprise trip to England so we see each other earlier than planned, and I love her even more for it!

4 thoughts on “Magical Mystery Trip!”

    1. She is!! We used to work together in England and see each other every day. last year we managed 3 meet-ups, this year we’ll have 2 but even so, when I get to Manchester we will not have seen each other in 12 months.

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