ROW80 – Assignments and Superheroes

Hello ROWers!
As I didn’t update on Wednesday with a progress report, I’m doing so today. A lot of what else happened this week can be found in yesterday’s Weekend Coffee Share.

I handed CCC502 Assignment #6 in on Friday morning, and already had it back marked just after Friday lunchtime. It was a graphic organiser that took me ages to compile and I got an A (95%) on it.

I also completed the final module on Modern Middle East II this week and passed the final exam with 84%. That means, if my calculations are correct, my overall grade for the course is 88.80%. The exam came as a bit of a surprise, as it was 3 hours in a single attempt, so once I had started it I couldn’t stop again.

You’ll see that I completed an extra module on the Modern Business course. That’s because I couldn’t sleep and figured I’d keep going. That module was the last, and finishing it meant having one less course to worry about next week.

It’s just before midnight here, and I just finished the first module on my first edX course The Rise of Superheroes in Pop Culture at the Smithsonian Institution taught by Michael Uslan and Stan Lee. It’s a great course so far, even though the prospect of creating my own superhero and villain is a bit daunting.

So here’s my list:

  • Submit CCC502 Assignment #6
  • Submit CCC502 Assignment #7
  • Submit MA500 Assignment #3
  • Submit MA500 Assignment #4
  • Prepare MA500 binder
  • Complete Modern Middle East II module #5
  • Complete Modern Business module #5
  • Complete Understanding Language module #4
  • Complete Writing Fiction module #3
  • Complete Jewish Diaspora in China module #3
  • Complete The American South module #2
  • Complete Propaganda & Ideology module #1
  • Complete Superheroes in Pop Culture module #1
  • Teach English on Wednesday
  • Weekend Coffee Share on Saturday
  • ROW80 Update on Sunday


  • Complete Modern Business module #6
  • Pass Modern Middle East II Final Exam

I knew getting through four university assignments would be ambitious, but 3 out of 4 isn’t bad at all, considering they all required a lot of research. I managed everything else, which I am pretty pleased with, except for the teaching part but that was due to my student not showing up. But hey, it’s her grade, so if she wants to skive off that’s her prerogative.

Anyway, that’s my update for this week. Check out how the other ROWers did!


One thought on “ROW80 – Assignments and Superheroes”

  1. You’re doing great! Good for you. I’m thoroughly impressed.
    The superheroes course sounds like it would be phenomenal. We’re big Marvel fans.
    Hope you have a great week.

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