Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Authors I REALLY want to meet

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Which 10 living authors do I want to meet most? That’s a tough one. How am I meant to decide on only ten??

1.) Neil Gaiman
He is currently one of my favourite authors, and I really love his writing style. And from what I can tell by his social media use and how he sneakily signs books left, right and centre, he seems to be a very decent guy.

2.) J.K. Rowling
I’d love to meet J.K. Rowling and talk about Harry Potter and her new writing ventures. Because, let’s face it, we all still have questions about Harry’s world.

3.) Bill Bryson
As a travel writer, he is one of my idols. Judging by the way he writes his books and details his adventures, I’m certain he’s make for a very witty and hilarious dinner companion and someone I could talk about travel with to my heart’s content.

4.) John Green
I only recently got into his books, but before that I knew him as someone championing literature and reading, as well as reading skills. And judging by some of his comments, this guy is knowledgable on multiple fandoms. Score!

5.) Kathy Reichs
The character of Temperance Brennan in TV show Bones is based on Kathy Reichs and I’d love to compare Kathy’s own Temperance Brennan and the Bones’ Temperance with her . I find Kathy’s real-life work as an forensic anthropologist fascinating.

6.) Pico Iyer
Another travel writer I’d love to talk to about trips taken and experiences lived.

7.) Jonathan Safran Foer
As someone who had to learn English as a second language, I found the way in which he wrote Everything is illuminated hilarious.

8.) Sara Gruen
The Water for Elephants author is a fellow WriMo and I’d love to have a chat with her about NaNoWriMo and the success of her books.

9.) Mark Gatiss
I’m currently reading his book Black Butterfly and I love his work as an author, but also as a screen writer and actor. As he’s involved in the writing (and acting) on two of my favourite shows, I’d love to talk with him about his own creation Lucifer Box, as well as all things Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who.

10.) Stephen Fry
By all accounts, writer, actor, comedian and QI host Stephen Fry is a very smart man. Smart and funny is always a good combination as far as I’m concerned and I’m sure should I ever meet him there’d be loads of topics we could discuss. I’d also love to test his German, as I know he is a multilinguist and speaks the language very well.


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