ROW80 – Quick Update

Hello ROWers!

I actually wrote this update at 2am as I knew I wouldn’t have time to post during the day. And hey, I’m still up studying anyway.

After posting my list of goals on Monday I decided to get the supplement modules out of the way first. That way, I’d have the rest of the week to concentrate on my assignments. Knowing me, I’d only get distracted otherwise.

So on Monday, I managed to complete this week’s modules for Modern Middle East II, Understanding Language, Writing Fiction, and The American South. On Tuesday, I managed to complete two modules of Jewish Diaspora in China. I had only planned to do the first module, but it turned out that Module 1 was nothing more than a 5 min video and a list of suggested reading, so I completed the second module as well, which took all of 40 minutes. I’m still working on Modern Business.

The first Modern Middle East course ended three weeks ago, and I’m eagerly awaiting the certificate. According to my own calculations I passed (assessments had different weight) so I’d just like it confirmed.

Work is really hectic at the moment. It’s the week of the 10th (our busiest time) and we’re one colleague short, so I’m doing overtime.

My gran will be released from hospital on Thursday – which came as a bit of a surprise), so that only left us with Tuesday and today to organise her transport and two hospital-style beds. Both my grandparents need care and their normal bed is simply too hard for them to get out of. But this means that we only have today to take their old bed apart and clear enough space for two new beds, which will likely result in us having to empty and dismantle at least one old wardrobe as well. Mum had the brilliant idea to paint the room, but we won’t have time for that at the moment.

So while you’re reading this I’m at granddad’s, cleaning out the room. Afterwards I’ll need to catch up on lost time in the office and then study for a while. And then at 7pm I’m starting this new weight loss course. I’ve already moved my extra tuition student to Thursday because I wouldn’t have time to teach her for two hours today.

I don’t mind helping out.What really grinds on me is this expectation that I drop everything at a moment’s notice. Instead of asking whether I can help clean out the house, my mum goes “I’ll need help and you’re it” regardless of prior engagements, while my sister’s work and studies remain unaffected.

I’m also growing really tired of people belittling my M.A. just because it’s by distance learning. I still have to put in about 30 hours per week total for the two courses, something I seldom manage. Studying by distance learning is hard. While MOOCs are quick intros, a few videos and a pop quiz here and there, my degree requires time and preparation and academic assignments.

Unlike regular students like my sister, I don’t have set lecture times and seminars. I have to find that time somehow. So it really stresses me out when my schedule gets interrupted. Next to the overtime this week and losing pretty much all of tomorrow, I now also lose 2 hours on Thursday and a few hours on Sunday as I teach a friend how to dance. We’d all assumed that gran would be in hospital for another week, so having to scramble now and get everything ready for her during the busiest time at work and an already crammed week means that once again I won’t go to bed before 3am every night in order to catch up. And they wonder why I’m cranky at work at 9am.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad gran is doing better and that she’s coming home. I just wish the hospital had given us some warning this week.




One thought on “ROW80 – Quick Update”

  1. I’m curious if you’ve tried posting out your schedule,with blocks of time you’re available, times you aren’t, and times when you might be, if you’re asked?

    This is probably easier if you’re living away from home and independently of family funding. But even if you aren’t, you could mention your work and study schedules, and be clear that these are things you value, and you need enough time to do them properly.

    Sometimes family dynamics are build on guilt and manipulation, Mine was. I was in my 30s before I began to figure out how to stand up for myself. Now, halfway through my 40s, my relationship with my mother is – nonexistent. Sadly, there is something very liberating in that. I wish it wasn’t so – but I have had a tremendous amount more time to enjoy my family, write, homeschool, and live.

    I hope that’s not the case for you.

    I’m impressed by your level of organization and commitment. Those are valuable assets, and I’ve got a feeling you’ll put them to good use.

    I wish you a whole week of adequate sleep, once your current rush eases up.


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