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ROW80 – Quick Update

Hello ROWers!

I actually wrote this update at 2am as I knew I wouldn’t have time to post during the day. And hey, I’m still up studying anyway.

After posting my list of goals on Monday I decided to get the supplement modules out of the way first. That way, I’d have the rest of the week to concentrate on my assignments. Knowing me, I’d only get distracted otherwise.

So on Monday, I managed to complete this week’s modules for Modern Middle East II, Understanding Language, Writing Fiction, and The American South. On Tuesday, I managed to complete two modules of Jewish Diaspora in China. I had only planned to do the first module, but it turned out that Module 1 was nothing more than a 5 min video and a list of suggested reading, so I completed the second module as well, which took all of 40 minutes. I’m still working on Modern Business.

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