Reflecting on the A to Z Challenge

As usual, I was quite late to the party. It wasn’t last minute for a change, but still quite late. By the time I found out about the A to Z Challenge there was only about a month to go before it started.

Now I can say my armchair travel round-the-world trip from Auckland to Zanzibar was a success, but it took a while to get there.

“How hard can it be to write 26 posts, A to Z?” I asked myself. Well, turns out, a lot harder than I thought. What could I blog about that would give me 26 posts from A to Z? At first I tried to keep in line with the theme of this blog. Something study related, maybe? Maybe not. So, literature, then. It had to be literature. How about book reviews? Had I read books that correspond to every letter of the alphabet? I made a list and found it lacking. I could have scraped by, but some entries would have required more research than they were worth, plus the whole translation issue – it turned iffy before I had even started.

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Study Tip: Organized notes

Leave a page or two blank at the front of a new note book and number the pages so you can add a table of contents at the front of your notes.

That way, a quick glance will tell you where in your notes all that material is that you’ll need for your next test.

Tabs at the side to divide modules or themes can help as well.

Table of contents

Weekly Goals – Vol. 10

It’s Monday and that means it’s a new week with new goals to achieve. While I’ll still be blogging on here, I’ll definitely turn it down a notch or two now that A to Z is over.

As you’ll see, university is my priority and there are a lot of modules and assignments to get through. I’m actually trying to get ahead a little in order to shorten my overall study time.

The sun is coming out to play again, so hopefully I’ll be able to concentrate better with a fresh dose of natural vitamin D. My aim is to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine on my terrace for an hour per day and read my book(s). I still need to finish Devil in Amber.

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