Magical Mystery Trip!

On Saturday morning, I got a message from my best friend Ronni, who lives in the UK. She was being all mysterious but wanted to know whether I’m free on any weekends in June or July.

She and her husband are coming to stay with me for a few days at the end of August. That’s been settled for a while now. So I thought that maybe she wanted to come over by herself beforehand.

She wouldn’t say more, just asked for dates I would definitely be free and then she went quiet. So I eventually updated Facebook, saying that “the plot thickens. Something’s up and Ronni’s involved #themysterycontinues.”

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If We Were Having Coffee… On May 30

Hello my lovelies!

Come on in for our Weekend Coffee Share! It’s great to see you! Today, I can offer you coffee with milk, teas of all descriptions including fresh ginger, as well as water. I’ll put out a bowl of vegetable chips/crisps for all our snacking needs – trust me, they’re yummy, healthy and more addictive than pistachios!

How was your week? Mine was all right and despite not managing much on my to do list for the week, you’ll see I’m bouncing with excitement.

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