Weekly Goals – Vol. 9

Monday sees me with a shiny, new list of goals I have set myself for this week. Once again, assignments and completion of modules are my main focus, plus the remainder of the A to Z Challenge.

I hereby give fair warning: I need to study this weekend. No outside distractions. Friday is a national holiday here in Germany (Labour Day) and I’m off work, so I really want to dedicate the time to my degree and try and get ahead a little in my reading and writing.

I’m starting a new course today for my M.A. Cross-Cultural Communication. It’s called MA500 Persuasion and consists of 7 modules and 16 assignments in total (mainly forum contributions of varying lengths), so the amount of work I need to hand in per week will increase.

Among the things I hope to achieve this week are the following:

  • Submit CCC502 Assignment #6
  • Submit MA500 Assignment #1
  • Submit MA500 Assignment #2
  • Prepare college binder for MA500 Persuasion
  • Complete Modern Middle East II module #3
  • Complete Community Journalism module #4
  • Complete Modern Business module #3
  • Complete Understanding Language module #2
  • Complete Writing Fiction module #1
  • A to Z blog post for W on Monday
  • A to Z blog post for X on Tuesday
  • A to Z blog post for Y on Wednesday
  • ROW80 Update on Wednesday
  • Teach English extra tuition on Wednesday
  • A to Z blog post for Z on Thursday
  • Weekend Coffee Share on Saturday
  • ROW80 Check-in on Sunday

Wish me luck. As usual, I will provide an update in my Sunday ROW80 Update to show how I got on.


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