Rock & Read the Cow!

Rock ‘n’ Roll and Literature, a cozy setting and cold beer. That’s what was on offer Saturday night at Solingen’s Cow Club and their benefit rock & reading event All Was Dark Yet Splendid.

The Cow Club is an organisation that promotes Solingen’s youth culture and music scene, and this year the city has cut their funding back.  So local author Lilian Muscutt and Solingen-born author Marcel Krueger came to their aid, with Lillian reading from her Solingen-based fantasy novel Die Spiegelsinfonie and Marcel reading an original short story, a poem by Neil Gaiman as well as an introduction by Rich Schwab. Daniel Juhr, who was also billed as a local author to read from his work, couldn’t make it to the show. Both Lily and Marcel sold their books, Die Spiegelsinfonie and Stop coming to my house, with all proceeds going to the Cow Club.

Wohnzimmer – German for living room / lounge – is the name of the Cow Club’s home in Solingen-Ohligs, and an accurate description of the venue. The atmosphere there is an intimate one, two sofas, a few armchairs, a row of old theatre seats and a fridge – add a band and an audience of 25 means there’s standing room only left.

A Rock ‘n’ Roll event would not be complete without good tunes. Unfortunately, punk band Start a Revolution, who were supposed to play at the Wohnzimmer unplugged, could not make it. Luckily, Cow Club’s Jens Stuhldreier  of The Dirtshakes knows how to handle a guitar, and while The Dirtshakes also couldn’t make it, Jens managed to get hold of Yannick. Armed with a guitar, bass and drums they formed the band Two Girls And A Monkey on the spot to play at Cow Club and rocked the venue. Jens later jokingly announced that Two Girls And A Monkey had disbanded about five minutes after their last song.

The literature and punkrock combination proved to be a crowd pleaser, if the roaring applause for authors and musicians was anything to go by. It’s great to rub shoulders with authors and musicians, and a small venue like Cow Club’s Wohnzimmer is perfect to share beers and conversations before, during and after shows.


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