Pit-stop in Quorn

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You’d be forgiven for not knowing that Quorn exists. These days, this small, sleepy town in rural Australia acts as a gateway to the Flinders Ranges, but it was once a bustling place.

Quorn used to be at the cross-roads of two of Australia’s important railway lines and hotels still line the street opposite the old railway station. The town used to be one of the stops on the Old Ghan Line, the main narrow gauge railway line from Port Augusta to Alice Springs, as well as the Trans-Australian Express from Port Augusta to Kalgoorlie. Everybody travelling north-south or east-west on the railway had to pass through town, Both of these services switched to standard gauge though, completely bypassing Quorn.

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To Do List – Week of April 20

Another week, another to do list. Having these weekly goals actually helps me focus on my tasks.

This week’s list is quite long, and includes academic goals (assignments), supplement courses, blogging and a Rock ‘n’ Roll Reading. Yes, that’s right. This week is the benefit concert and reading to save a local cultural organisation called Cow Club. Rock music and literature – perfect!

Some of the blog posts are already scheduled or just need photos now, so it’s not as much as it looks.

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