ROW80 – Midweek Mad Dash

Hello ROWers!

It’s another quick update from me.

Things are going well, all in all, though I’m down to the last 28 hours of this assignment and it feels like so much left to do!

As The Doctor would say: “It’s super squeaky bum time!”

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Intiñan, the path of the sun – Mitad del Mundo

This post is part of the April 2015 A to Z Challenge. Find the challengers via the Blog Sign-Up or on Twitter using #AtoZChallenge.

Roughly 23km north of Ecuador’s capital Quito lies San Antonio de Pichincha, and within San Antonio lies a complex known as Mitad del Mundo – the middle of the world.

It’s hard to miss, as there is a huge monument with a globe on top of it in the middle of the ground. This monument, visitors are told, marks the line of the equator, latitude 00°00’00S. Oh, and it’s the place where all the tour buses stop, just in case you need to find it by yourself.

There is lots to do and see for visitors, with colourful Arts & Crafts on offer, restaurants serving local cuisine, the Museo Etnográfico which is very insightful and explains the indigenous peoples and cultures of Ecuador and the Andes, and of course the picture stop with one foot in the northern and one foot in the southern hemisphere.

The only problem is that GPS puts the equator 240m further north.

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