The Jackaroo School at Leconfield Farm

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 Originally published in Shoestring Magazine.

Jackaroo Schools across Australia prepare willing workers on organic farms – Wwoofers – for life in the Outback. Study. Read. Write’s Conny Kaufmann took the 11-day course at Leconfield Farm near Tamworth, New South Wales in 2007 to find out just how hard the cowboy life really is.

My alarm rings at 5am, but instead of jumping under the shower, I jump straight back into my dirty jeans and top.

My mud-encrusted boots are waiting outside the old homestead’s door. It’s my turn to yard and milk the two dairy cows so that my fellow Jackaroo and Jillaroo students have milk for breakfast. By 6.30am, we are in the horse yards, getting ready for another hot and long day on the farm. The shower will have to wait.

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