Study Tip: The Cornell Method of note-taking

Taking notes is part of every day life as a student, whether we’re in high school, college, grad school or elsewhere.

So why is effective note-taking not taught properly? And why did I go until grad school to learn about The Cornell Method?

It makes so much sense!

Cornell Method Note


10 thoughts on “Study Tip: The Cornell Method of note-taking”

      1. That’s great! I’d think it would be helpful for most people. Maybe not all. We are each of us and individual.

        I expect these things come in and out of use over the decades. I started junior high school in 1958 in a small town, where maybe half of our teachers were just out of college, and we learned from them. In HS I tried to read all of my books the first couple of months, so that helped build a framework for the notes.


    1. I’ve always used points and subpoints and the occasional summary. And visualisations. However, this method might suit me better, my pages usually end up really cluttered. Maybe this is a US thing as it’s the Cornell method? Never heard of it before in Germany


  1. My son was taught the Cornell method in ninth grade. I didn’t learn it until I was almost finished with college and by then I was too stuck in my ways to switch although it makes a lot of sense.

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